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VUcept is a student organization with over fifty years of experience mentoring new students through their transition to the Vanderbilt community.  While student VUceptors are integral to the Vanderbilt Visions program, their mission does not end there. 

VUcept is a peer mentor organization, supported by the Office of the Dean of The Ingram Commons.  VUceptors facilitae the cultural, social, and intellectual development of Vanderbilt’s first-year students by holding Visions sessions within the living and learning community of The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons and by connecting VUceptees to upperclass students and university faculty.  VUcept requires intentional campus engagement from its members, both as an organizational foray into dialogues occurring “across the bridge” and as part of an overall mission to help first-year students integrate into the community beyond The Ingram Commons.  In doing so, VUcept emphasizes the value of collaborative exploration, brave spaces, and peer mentorship.


Embrace. Engage. Empower.

In addition to co-facilitating Vanderbilt Visions sessions with their faculty partners, student VUceptors are dedicated campus change agents, working to promote inclusion and wellbeing across campus.  To that end, VUcept sponsors annual events that are open to the entire campus, including a storytelling program entitled “Remember the Time” and a Panel Discussion Series designed to elicit conversation on a diverse set of topics that are relevant to the Vanderbilt experience. 

Fast Facts

-There are 92 student VUceptors, representing the diversity of thought and experience found at Vanderbilt.

-Additionally, an 11-member executive board governs the student organization in achieving its mission for campus change, while working to support student VUceptors.

-Student VUceptors are re-selected annually in the spring semester, through a rigorous application process. 


VUcept Executive Board

Justin Andujar, President

Zaria Williams, Vice President

Troy Jiang, Public Relations Co-chair

Amanda Youman, Public Relations Co-chair

Tommy Oswalt, Selections Co-chair

Alex Rains, Selections Co-chair

Susmi Chennareddy, Outreach Co-chair

Griffin Patterson, Outreach Co-chair

Geetha Gowda, Training Co-chair

Sophia Lee, Training Co-chair

Elizabeth Pearson, True Life Student Director 

With questions about the VUcept organization, please contact VUcept President Justin Andujar (Justin.d.andujar@vanderbilt.edU) or VUcept Adviser Natalee Erb (