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Student Governance

Each house has a House Programming & Advisory Council (HPAC), composed of a president and vice president who are elected as well as a public relations chair, service commissioner, and floor representatives, who are appointed. The HPAC meets with the faculty head of house and Head Resident Adviser to advise on house programming and the life of the house. The president, vice president, public relations chair, and service commissioner of the ten HPACs are members of the Commons Leadership Council (CLC). The CLC works with upperclass peer mentors and professional staff to advise on the expenditure of a budget supplied by The Ingram Commons to enhance inter-house, Commons-wide, and campus-wide living-learning initiatives. For more information about HPACs, please contact Program Coordinator Aimee Robinson.

House Programming & Advisory Council Positions


In addition to these formal House Programming & Advisory Council positions, each house will also elect a first-year senator to serve in Vanderbilt Student Government. While this position is not formally a part of the HPAC, they may occasionally meet with the HPAC in order to accurately represent the interests of the house in Senate sessions. If you are interested in this position, please visit VSG's website.

2019-20 CLC Team

Rachel Fan, Service Commissioners
Sydney Garretson, Vice Presidents
Jon Marchineck, Service Commissioners
Ellie Miller, Public Relations Chairs
Carter Powers, Presidents
Jo'-Hannah Valentin, Public Relations Chairs
Shelby Wohlshlager, Presidents
Madison Woods, Vice Presidents