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The Commons

Many Voices, One VU
A collection of stories for the Class of 2020 curated by VUcept
The VU from Commons
Read about the experiences of the people who can most often be spotted around Commons.
Hit the Books
College brings with it many new academic challenges and opportunities. Stay sharp with these tips!
Extra, Extra: Read All About It
There are countless ways to get involved outside the classroom from service, to research, to the arts.
This is Real, This is Me
No matter which path you choose to follow, this experience is all about growing as a person.
Disagreement, Difference, and Diversity
Everyone has a story to tell. What will yours be?
I’m Different, Yeah I’m Different
Everyone is valuable for their unique perspectives.
A Vocabulary of Inclusion
Sometimes it’s important to “get uncomfortable” and engage with challenging topics to learn from one another.
Conquer and Prevail
Your time at vanderbilt may not always be easy, but with a strong community and lots of resources, you won’t be alone. Take the time to embrace your fellow commodores and learn from one another.