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Commons Mix-Ups

Explore other Houses, meet new people, and have fun!

The Commons Mix-Ups series brings people from all 10 Houses together for themed programs designed by each of the individual Houses.  Occurring either on Friday or Saturday evening, these programs provide an opportunity to hang out with your classmates and get to know Faculty Heads outside of your House.  Whether you are singing karaoke, playing board games, or spending time in the photo booth, you are sure to have a good time at every Commons Mix-Up!  Many of the Mix-Ups are planned by the members of the House Advisory Council and each one is unique!  

2015-2016 Commons Mix-Up Schedule

Saturday, October 3
North House:
"Crash the Wedding”
Friday, November 13
West House
Friday, December 4
Murray House
"Bollywood Bash"
Saturday, January 30
Hank Ingram House
"Hotline Swing"
Saturday, February 13
Sutherland House
Friday, February 19
Memorial House
"Making MEMories: A Create-a-thon"
Friday, February 26
East House
"The AcademEast Awards"
Saturday, March 19
Crawford House
"Mardi Craw"
Saturday, April 2
Stambaugh House
Saturday, April 9
Gillette House