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Stambaugh House

Opened in August 2007, Stambaugh House provides modern features in a classic building housing 162 first-year students in traditional double rooms. The building is co-residential, with men and women living on separate floors.

The Faculty Head of House lives in an apartment on the first floor, while students live on floors 2-5 of this five story building. Each residential floor has a study area and three shared bathrooms with showers. In addition, there is a lobby, study area, laundry room, seminar room, music room, and communal kitchen on the first floor. The building is fully air conditioned. Corridors and common areas are carpeted. Student rooms have tiled floors.

Signature Programming

Signature programming at Stambaugh House includes the following events:

  • Stambaugh Soiree - Soiree is our weekly House program. Soiree brings together residents of diverse backgrounds in order to build a positive and inclusive House community through organic interactions and dialogue. Soiree also encourages students to acquire an appreciation for intellectual discovery outside the bounds of the classroom. This is achieved through conversation with our special guests, who range from film producers, to writers, to politicians, to entrepreneurs, and more. The food and beverages served at Soiree are all healthy, artisan foods.
  • StamBall - StamBall is Stambaugh's largest fall semester event. The program is a large celebration and each resident receives a wrapped book as a gift. Students join together to celebrate the holiday season and the completion of their first semester at Vanderbilt.
  • StamJam - StamJam is Stambaugh's largest spring semester event; it is also Stambaugh's Commons Mix-Up event. StamJam is a free concert and food festival held on the Stambaugh lawn.  Tastes and sounders are carefully crafted to immerse students in a significant theme (tied to The Commons Reading) via awesome sounds and delicious bites. Local, artisan food is served at the event and students enjoy the company of others while listening to music DJ'd by award winning radio station Lightning 100.  Stambaugh partners with the Curb Center to make this event happen.
  • Little Library at Casa Azafran - Stambaugh residents sustain and maintain a trilingual library for at-risk kids at a local community center.  Raising funds, selecting books, and stocking the library are all part of this signature house service program.
  • Cookies & Quotations  - Surprise Sunday night door-to-door delivery of cookies and inspiring quotes.
  • Profs on the Porch - Four times during the year, we invite a distinguished professor to Stambaugh for a casual dinner discussion and dessert. This allows students to interact with faculty outside of the academic setting. 

Stambaugh House HAC

Vacant, President
Kyra Owensby, Vice President
Vacant, Senator
Emma Robitalle, PR Chair
Catie O'Reilly, Service Commissioner
Shiv Seth, Floor Representative
Sara Wright, Floor Representative
Rhamy Belayachi, Floor Representative
Vacant, Floor Representative