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Murray House

Murray House

"In Murray House, we create a community of care and a culture of wellness where everyone feels supported. The bonds you form in Murray House stay with you beyond your first-year experience and continue to lift you up higher than you ever thought you could reach alone. This is a special place: a space for friends, mentors, discovery, growth, and lots of Murray love.
- Gabi Grys, Murray House Head Resident

About The House

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Instagram: @murray_house
Twitter: @da_murr

House Staff

Alyssa Hasty, Faculty Head 
Toni Viola, AC

Gabrielle Grys, HR
Kristen Brady, RA
Karlin Compton, RA
Bradley Faskowitz, RA
Ishani Pabari, RA

Opened in August 2007, Murray House is located on The Ingram Commons. Murray House provides modern features in a classic building housing 150 first-year students in traditional double rooms.

Students live on floors 2-6 of this six story building. The second floor includes an apartment for the Faculty Head of House, a seminar room, and common kitchen for building residents.

Floors 3-6 each have a study area and three shared bathrooms with showers. In addition, there is a study area, laundry room, and music rooms on the first floor.

The building is fully air conditioned. Corridors and common areas are carpeted. Student rooms have tiled floors.

Signature Programming

Signature programming at Murray House includes the following events:

  • Murray Munchies - Each week, join the other members of your house for a fun study break.  
  • Annual Holiday Celebration - Put on by the House Advisory Council, this event is a celebration of the end of the semester and the upcoming holiday season. It will include sugar cookie making/decorating - a tradition for Professor Hasty and her family.
  • Faculty Dinners in Professor Hasty's Apartment - On a regular basis, the Hasty's host important guests from around campus and the Nashville community to dine with a small group of students and have a comfortable discussion.  Be sure to sign up for one of these when you receive the email from Professor Hasty!
  • Murray Spa Night - Want to feel pampered?  This is the event for you!  In addition to face masks, nail painting, and tea drinking, this is a chance to talk about college life in a casual setting with your housemates.
  • Saturday Morning Jog - Want to get in shape?  Come join us for a three to six mile run on Saturday mornings.
  • Sunday Football on the Patio - Who doesn't love a little Sunday football downtime?  Come watch your favorite teams duke it out on the field with your housemates and enjoy a little study break.

Murray House HAC

Frances Burton, President
Robert Blakes, Vice President
Caleb Larmey, Senator
Mine Muezzingolu, PR Chair
McKenzie Green, Service Commissioner
Mary Tezak, Floor Representative
John Landry, Floor Representative
Iliana Yanes, Floor Representative
Serena Hostetter, Floor Representative

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