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The Commons

The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons begins four transformative years of a Vanderbilt education.

First-year students live and learn together in the 10 Houses of The Ingram Commons – each guided by a Faculty Head of House, a professor and mentor who lives among the students of the House. Together they create the first of four transformative years at Vanderbilt where students are encouraged to develop and contribute their intellectual, social, ethical and personal talents to the fullest. Through The Ingram Commons first-year students connect with each other and the entire Vanderbilt community – the upper class undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff and administrators of one of the world’s great research universities.

The Idea of Residential Communities

Education has never been limited just to the classroom. The idea of communal living at university has its roots in the Oxford-Cambridge model in England. Faculty members (fellows) lived with students, taught them, and helped them transform into leaders of their society.

At Vanderbilt, The Ingram Commons connects first-year students, residential faculty, undergraduate resident advisers, experienced staff, students and professors throughout the university, and visitors from across the globe. Together, they create combinations of people and ideas that spark possibilities for discovery, learning, and leadership.

Whether an event, dinner with faculty, musical performance, community service, late-night conversation, or a chance encounter, students at The Ingram Commons find ways to challenge their thinking, grow as people, contribute to their university, and learn how to be leaders in our local, national, and global communities.