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After The Ingram Commons

VU LIving Learning CommunitiesLiving and learning continues after The Ingram Commons. Mayfield Lodges are groups of ten students who live together in suite-style residences and pursue a self-directed, year-long program of educational activities with a professor or staff professional. McTyeire International House promotes the use of foreign languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian, and Japanese) and global cultural awareness through weekly language dinners and study breaks. McGill Hall, a humanities and philosophy living and learning community, features weekly, resident-organized McGill Hours with invited Vanderbilt faculty and staff and the spring semester McGill Project. The Vanderbilt Interest Project (VIP) invites small  groups of students to live together and explore a topic of interest with a faculty or staff adviser of their choice. Other living-learning communities include the Creative Campus Residential Experience and Leadership Hall

Vanderbilt is also continuing its development of College Halls, residential colleges for sophomores, juniors, and seniors under the leadership of residential faculty directors. Construction of the first two College Halls, Warren and Moore, began in May 2012, and they are scheduled to open in August 2014.

new residential college at Kissam