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West House

Robert BarksyRobert Barsky, Faculty Head of West House

Robert Barsky, professor of French and Italian with a joint appointment to the Department of English, is the faculty head of West House. An eminent member of the humanities division of the College of Arts and Science, Barsky teaches literature and works in immigration studies, linguistics and radicalism in American Jewish life. He is also founder and editor of AmeriQuests, a peer-reviewed e-journal devoted to writing and research about real and metaphorical quests toward “America.” Barsky was given the 2011 Alexander Heard Distinguished Service Professor Award, and was recently named to the Institute for Advanced Studies, Toulouse, for 2012-2013. He is joined in West House by his wife Marsha, a dancer and Yogini, as well as their cats, and will enjoy occasional visits from their three college-aged sons, Kai, Tristan and Benjamin.

The House

West House provides modern features in a classic structure. The building was completely renovated in 1986 and received new finishes and furnishing in the summers of 2005 and 2006. West House is residence to approximately 112 first-year men and women on separate floors, mostly in traditional double rooms. A Resident Adviser lives on each floor.

The Faculty Head of House lives in an apartment on the first floor. Also located on the first floor is a large laundry, two seminar rooms, music practice rooms, a study area, and a full-sized kitchen for the House. West House was built in 1922.