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Sutherland House

Sutherland House

"Sutherland House is a home away from home, with a focus on creativity, diversity and openness. I stepped into Sutherland as a first-year and I never left because of how great it is. There are always people studying and hanging out in the common rooms. Our Faculty Head hosts great discussions in her apartment and weekly programs bring the House together. There's no place like Sutherland."
- Eileen Ulate, Sutherland House Head Resident

About The House

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Instagram: @vusutherland
Twitter : @vusutherland

House Staff

Chalene Helmuth, Faculty Head
Toni Viola, AC

Eileen Ulate, HR
Kayla Cooper, RA
Bradley Faskowitz, RA
Nikhil Raman, RA

Jane Brennan, President
Olivia Snell, Vice President
Natasja Lessiohadi, PR Chair
Aaron Level, Floor Rep
Sahar Abdullah, Floor Rep
Alvar Huhtanen, Floor Rep
Sydney Wasserman, Floor Rep
Cassandra Woolley, Service Commissioner

Opened in August 2006, Sutherland House is located on The Ingram Commons. Sutherland provides modern features in a classic building housing 162 first-year students in traditional double rooms. The building is co-residential, with men and women living on separate floors.

The Faculty Head of House lives in an apartment on the first floor, while students live on floors 2-5 of this five story building. Each residential floor has a study area and three shared bathrooms with showers. In addition, there is a lobby, study area, laundry room, seminar room, music room, and communal kitchen on the first floor. The building is fully air conditioned. Corridors and common areas are carpeted. Student rooms have tiled floors.

Signature Programming

Signature programming at Sutherland House includes the following events:

  • Sutherland Socials: Thursday nights at 9pm - Food & Friends! We have snacks and coffee in the lobby. The entire House takes a study break and we almost always have special guests from professors to student organizations.
  • Cafecitos: Dr. Helmuth hosts Cafecitos in her apartment. There is delicious food, lively discussion and her famous cafectios (little coffees). Residents are invited based on a commonality they share with the other students invited and they are challenged to find out what that commonality is at the Cafecito. There are also open Cafecitos for all students to attend.