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North House

barzGreg Barz, Faculty Head of North House

Greg Barz, faculty head of North House, is an associate professor of ethnomusicology, with joint appointments in anthropology and the Divinity School. He recently drew upon his fieldwork in East Africa to produce a Grammy-nominated recording of the music of HIV-positive women’s groups with his research supported by the Fulbright African AIDS Research Program. He is currently completing a documentary film focused on the position of music after the Rwandan genocide and the role of music and HIV/AIDS in South African townships. He is the producer of an East African hip hop CD due to be released in August that will certainly rock the block!

A message from Dr. Barz

North House is more than a grand, historic building. It is a special residence to 180 students. Students quickly claim North as a unique, nurturing ‘home’. It will come as no surprise that North House celebrates musical traditions from around the world and from our own Vanderbilt community. North House Rocks! Residents attend concerts together, gather for House jam sessions, dine with visiting musicians, form bands, and produce recordings! Our goal is to make sure that North House rocks!

The House

Located in the Historic District of The Ingram Commons, North House is the closest residence hall to main campus. Approximately 180 residents enjoy modern features in a renovated six-story building. On the first floor, students have access to a fully equipped electronic classroom and two lounges. There are two lounges and two practice rooms on the second floor. The third floor is home to the apartment housing North’s Faculty Head of House in addition to a newly expanded central lobby. The sixth floor houses a central atrium and kitchen for use by all residents. The building is fully air-conditioned and wireless. Corridors, common areas, and student rooms are carpeted.

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