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North House

North House

"North's community is unique in just how close it is, and I attribute that to the deep connection the alumni and staff have to the House. There always seems to be this aura of genuineness that persists year to year—you kind of have to experience it for yourself."
- Sam Hoskins,  North House Head Resident 

About The House

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Instagram: @vandynorth
Twitter: @vandynorth

House Staff

Gregory Melchor-Barz, Faculty Head
Matthew McCabe, AC

Lucas Wesoloski, HR
Karin Han, RA
Naeha Haridasa, RA
Alec Jotte, RA
Jamal Marcelin, RA
Virginia Randall, RA

Located in the Historic District of The Ingram Commons, North House is the closest residence hall to main campus. Approximately 180 residents enjoy modern features in a renovated six-story building. On the first floor, students have access to a fully equipped electronic classroom and two lounges. There are two lounges and two practice rooms on the second floor. The third floor is home to the apartment housing North’s Faculty Head of House in addition to a newly expanded central lobby. The sixth floor houses a central atrium and kitchen for use by all residents. The building is fully air-conditioned and wireless. Corridors, common areas, and student rooms are carpeted.

Signature Programming

Signature programming at North House includes the following events:

  • Northern Exposure is our weekly signature House event where residents can de-stress, come together as a community, and enjoy delicious pancakes with a different secret ingredient.
  • Ubuntu Dinners are small round-table discussions intended to explore various topics over a home-cooked meal.
  • Rockin' Field Day is an annual outdoor event centered around fun games and community-building during the first few weeks at the beginning of the Fall semester. 


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