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Memorial House

Memorial House

"Living in Memorial is truly like living in a House with 80 of your closest friends.  While we may be the smallest House on The Commons, there is no shortage of energy, crucial dialogue, or support.  To us who have the joy of living in Memorial, we know that this residential community is more than the House we were assigned to: it is our home."
- Laurel Hattix, Memorial House Head Resident

About The House

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Instagram: @memorialhouse
Twitter: @memorialhousevu

House Staff 

Kevin Leander, Faculty Head 
Jorge Wellmann, AC

Madison Maderious, HR
Leundre Agee, RA
Logan Keller, RA
Carson Lystad, RA

Located on The Ingram Commons, Memorial House provides modern features in a classic structure. Memorial House was modernized and renovated in 1987 and then again in the summers of 2006 and 2007. The building houses approximately 80 first-year men and women on separate floors, mostly in traditional double rooms.

On the first floor are two seminar rooms, a study lounge, music practice rooms, and a vending area. Students live on floors 2-5. On the second floor is the apartment for the Faculty Head of House, a study lounge, a common kitchen, and seven student rooms. The third floor includes two study lounges, student rooms, and two common bathrooms with showers. Floors 5 and 6 each have 16 student rooms and two common bathrooms with showers. Memorial House was built in 1935.

Signature Programming

Signature programming at Memorial House includes the following events:

  • S'Memorial: Residents gather once a week around a fire pit to roast s'mores, connect with other Memorialites, and hear the collaborative jam sessions put on by the musicians of the House.  Occasionally, these nights turn into two hour sing-alongs.  Once a month, we invite another House on The Commons to join us for a Neighborhood S'Memorial during which we merge our weekly tradition of s'mores with their weekly House tradition.  Themed S'Memorials have included swing dance night, reverse trick-or-treating, and an ugly holiday sweater party.
  • Dinner with Dr. Leander: Sunday nights, 10 to 15 residents join Dr. Leander and a special guest for dinner in the faculty apartment.  Topics for the dinner are as broad and unique as the food served, which comes from a variety of Nashville restaurants.  Previous speakers have included professors, researchers, community organizers, and leaders of non-profits.  Over a delicious meal, discussions and dialogue have ranged from the achievement gap to the impact of technology on relationships.



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