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Hank Ingram House

 Hank Ingram House

"There are many reasons that living in Hank Ingram has proven to be a life-changing experience for me, but I would say the greatest reason is certainly the people. Having the most people out of any House on The Commons means more opportunities for diverse dialogue, more unique experiences to undergo with your peers, and a Hank community 300-strong that is endemically rooting for everyone to succeed.
- Jackson Vaught, Hank Ingram House Resident Adviser

About The House

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Instagram: @vuhankhouse
Twitter: @vuhankhouse

House Staff

Edwin Williamson, Faculty Head 
Jorge Wellmann, AC

Esther Taati, HR
Molly Williams, HR
Bill Badi, RA
Ryan Connor, RA
Linda Cui, RA
Robyn Du, RA
Sam Edwards, RA
Phil Goldberg, RA
Bailey Lowe, RA
Sydney Silberman, RA

Opened in August 2008, Hank Ingram House is located next to the Dean’s Residence. “Hank’s House” provides modern features in a classic building housing approximately 290 first-year students in traditional double rooms. Students live on floors 2-7 of this seven story building. On the first floor, students will find the laundry, an adjoining study space, and two music practice rooms. The second floor includes an apartment for the Faculty Head of House, two seminar rooms, a study space, and a common kitchen for building residents. Floors 3-6 each have a large study area and six shared bathrooms with showers. The seventh floor has a study area and three shared bathrooms with showers. The building is fully air conditioned. Corridors and common areas are carpeted. Student rooms have tiled floors.

Signature Programming 

Signature programming at Hank Ingram House includes the following events:

  • Hank Hang: Weekly signature study break on Mondays at 8 p.m. 
  • Connect Floor Dinners: Entire floors are invited into the Faculty Head's apartment for dinner catered by a local restaurant with guests from around the university and community leading a variety of small group discussions.
  • Hank Health: Small group  group events on a variety of topics with guests ranging from religious and spiritual leaders to yoga practitioners, doctors and other healers.
  • Service Projects: Members of the house work together with a local Nashville non-profit agency.





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