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Hank Ingram House

Kyla Terhune October 2014

Dr. Kyla Terhune, Faculty Head of Hank Ingram House

Kyla Terhune, faculty head of Hank Ingram House, is an assistant professor of surgery and anesthesiology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and the associate program director of the general surgery residency program. Beyond operating, her academic interests include surgical workforce issues and using simulation in residency training. She has won teaching awards from medical students, surgery residents, and at the national level. Prior to attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, she taught and coached at St. Andrew's School in Middletown, Delaware.

She is joined by her husband, Rick Keuler, and their children, Tate and Amelia, at Hank Ingram House.

A message from Dr. Terhune

Hank Ingram House (Hank's House) is the largest house in The Ingram Commons. Despite the size, one of our goals together will be to forge a sense of community, pride, and inclusiveness for all of our members. We'll do this through formal and informal gatherings and opportunities such as trips off campus and dinners with guests discussing their professional and intellectual passions. I'm a general surgeon at Vanderbilt's Medical Center, so we may run into one another at some odd hours as I traipse back and forth to the hospital. I'll be living in Hank's House with my husband of twelve years, Rick Keuler, our two children, Tate and Amelia and our loveable (sometimes too loveable) mutt, Sackson. 

The House

Opened in August 2008, Hank Ingram House is located next to the Dean’s Residence. “Hank’s House” provides modern features in a classic building housing approximately 290 first-year students in traditional double rooms. Students live on floors 2–7 of this seven story building. On the first floor, students will find the laundry, an adjoining study space, and two music practice rooms. The second floor includes an apartment for the Faculty Head of House, two seminar rooms, a study space, and a common kitchen for building residents. Floors 3–6 each have a large study area and six shared bathrooms with showers. The seventh floor has a study area and three shared bathrooms with showers. The building is fully air conditioned. Corridors and common areas are carpeted. Student rooms have tiled floors.

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